Taiwan Train Derails Killing Over 50 and Injuring Dozens


Ethan Pale, Author

This Friday a train in Taiwan was travelling from Taipei to Taitung and collided with a truck. Around 15 miles north of Hualien a truck not properly parked rolled down a nearby hill and collided with the train and derailing it while it was halfway through a tunnel. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA), the operator of the construction truck that caused the crash is being questioned by local authorities.

A shocked father from the tragedy stated, “Those in the carriages stuck in the tunnel, some broke the windows, some climbed on the roofs, some were covered in blood, some were looking for their relatives.” People who escaped the train were being escorted to hospitals if needed. After the last 2 survivors were removed from the crash, 51 were stated dead and 146 injured.

The accident was intensified because of Friday being the first day of Tomb Sweeping Festival. Tomb Sweeping Festival a popular annual remembrance of dead family members. The Festival has caused tons of travel throughout all of Taiwan. Trains are a much more popular type of transportation in Taiwan, due to difficult mountain driving. With this popular mix of reasons for taking the train, the 347 available seats were at near capacity with some people even standing.

The derailing has caused concerns about safe transportation in Taiwan, as this followed another deadly crash 3 years earlier in 2018. Northeastern Taiwan saw a similar accident that killed 18 and injured 215. Wei Yu-Ling is the Secretary General of the Taiwan Railway Union and said in an interview that she hopes the Taiwanese government will keep their word about a thorough investigation. “Compared to the Taipei Metro and the Taiwan High Speed Rail in Taiwan, the Taiwan Railways Administration has a relatively high frequency of accidents,” Wei said.

Sixty nine of the one hundred and forty six injured are being treated in nearby hospitals. The remaining 77 are able to return to normal life without any complicated injuries.