What’s School Like After Spring Break?


Janette Calvo

A fully populated class after Spring Break

Janette Calvo and Emilin Carias

As Covid numbers go down and people getting vaccinated, we are seeing some change in the community. At school, students were given a choice to stay 100% remote or 100% hybrid. Which means coming in every day and every week until the end of the school year. We asked Ms.Kimble, what is the percentage of kids coming back to school after spring break? Her response was “Right now 95% of MS and 86% of HS will be back in person”.  


After spring break you will all be able to see your friends again, but remember to stay six feet apart. We also asked Ms.Kimble about Covid testing (Covid testing, yay!) and the testing schedule is the same. “We will be testing on Thursdays, TMS students one week and THS students the opposite weeks”. So, whenever you hear your advisory teacher’s name, make sure to come down to the front lobby and get tested but make sure you are always staying 6 feet apart,” Kimble said. 


Some kids may ask if there is enough room in the classrooms for students coming back to school? We asked Ms.Kimble about the classrooms and she said, “We are ordering more desks and have measured the spacing, and we have enough room in all the classes and will be setting up every room over spring break”. 


Ms.Kimble also added, “As with this whole year, if anyone has symptoms they have to stay home, if someone in their house has symptoms they have to stay home. If a student tests positive and has been in school then we will have to quarantine the students who were sitting within 6 feet. That could change but we have not received that confirmation yet”. The school encourages students to follow each covid guidelines. If you have any symptoms of Covid, or anyone in your household has symptoms, stay home. It doesn’t matter if you miss in-person school days, you still have to zoom. 


Well kids, welcome back to school, and remember to stay six feet apart and stay safe out there!