Things Get Hot at the Rico Hot Springs


The big pool at Rico Hot Springs

Soren Hughes and Jimmy Fallon

On March 11th, 2021, three men from Farmington Colorado came up to a small quiet town in the hills of Rico, Colorado.  After arriving, the three men decided to go up to the Rico Hot Springs to rest and have a couple of beers. The men became intoxicated and started to get a little bit rowdy.

Pat Fallon is a local fireman in Rico Colorado who had to report to the scene that night. Mr. Fallon says, “I saw one man getting into a heated argument with the other two. After arguing, one man hops in someone else’s truck and tries to drive the other two friends’ car off the road. He drove the truck into his friend’s car that was parked on the side of the road and started to bash it with the truck.” Mr. Fallon and the rest of the Rico Fire Department had to detain the gentleman until the police came. 

As a result of rowdy out-of-town visitors, the Rico Hot Springs property, now owned by Dave Bullson, is closed for now.  But if Bullson wants to open it back up for the residents of Rico remains unclear. He may want to make the hot springs for Rico residents only, or it may re-open to the general public. The future of Rico Hot Springs remains unclear.