The Roaring 20s for Prom 2021!


     This year’s prom goes back to the roaring twenties. Prom has been a traditional high school dance in the United States and it has expanded through other countries. It has been one of the most important events for high school students. Due to the pandemic, this year’s prom would be different. The rules from the previous years still apply, but there have been a few others due to Covid. Students will be required to wear a mask at all times, maintain social distancing guidelines, and agree to stay home if they have any symptoms. We will be temperature-checking students at the door. 


Prom will be at the Reflection Plaza in the Mountain Village Core. A total of one hundred forty students will be allowed at the event. Important details are that at the event, students will need to stay with other students from their assigned pod in order to minimize exposure. When students purchase tickets from Ms. Lopez, they will choose a pod color and will be given a bracelet of that color. Students can choose their own pods. Keep in mind that prom is for juniors and seniors. Underclassmen dates or dates from other schools must be HS students. If you would like to bring a date from another high school, you must meet with Ms. Kimble first. Students will not be admitted after 8:30 pm, and once you leave the dance, you won’t be readmitted. Safety measures will be taken at the front door before entering the event. 


A prom is an event that every junior and senior will remember for the rest of their lives, seniors especially, since it’s their last formal dance of high school. So you wonderful seniors of Telluride High School, don’t be afraid to ask that special someone to prom. Go for it!  Also, girls, don’t wait for that special guy to ask you to prom. You can ask him too! 


So come on put on your suits or dresses and look more fabulous than ever, and dance away. Grab your partner or your friend from the hand and SHAKE YOUR BOOTY! 


If you want to go to prom, tickets will be available to juniors and seniors sold only by advance from Ms. Lopez. The tickets are $20 per person and will be available for purchase until May 7th.