Rock and Rollout: What You Need to Know Before Attending In Person Concerts Again

Rock and Rollout: What You Need to Know Before Attending In Person Concerts Again

Through the pandemic, the live music industry has been completely wiped out, with the cancellation of all in person concerts and music events, leaving many to wonder if live music events would ever return. However, there’s good news on the horizon, in the near future we will see the re-emergence of live music concerts! With the re-emergence of live music, however, it will look different than it ever has before and the requirement of new safety protocols will be implemented.

First, all in person concerts would be open only at a limited capacity with up to 75% less capacity allowed into concerts in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Here in Telluride, the Blue Grass Festival will only admit 2,500 and festavarians will be in separated “pods” of 10 people per  pod. But live music concerts rules will vary by state and will depend on new covid-cases for each state. If a sudden rise in cases does occur, concerts will no longer be taking place.

Now that concerts are imminent in some states, recent questions regarding what the guidelines for concert attendance will be have been coming up with increasing regularity. For most in person concerts, you will be required to be vaccinated and carry your vaccination card with you for proof of vaccination. If you are not vaccinated, some venues will require you to carry proof of a recent negative test so you don’t subject others to Covid. Either way, it will be mandatory to show proof that you do not have covid or have not been exposed to covid in order for attendance at an in person concert. 

As for masks at the in person concerts, it will depend on the venue I which the event is taking place. If it’s an event that requires vaccination, it is likely that no masks will be required. However, if it’s an event that doesn’t require all attendees to be vaccinated, it is very possible that masks will be required. Again, the restrictions and regulations of in person concerts will depend solely on the venues and the states in which they are taking place. So check the venues’ websites for updated attendance requirements.

Now that the emergence of in person concerts is slowly returning, be sure you are aware of each venue’s attendance requirements. Know before you go! And rock and roll!