Middle and High Schoolers can Get their Vaccines as Early as Next Week!


Courtesy of Yahoo

Beck Gilliland

On Tuesday, Biden made a big, exciting announcement that as early next week, kids from 12-15 will be able to get the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

“Today I want American parents to know that if that announcement comes, we are ready to move immediately to make about 20,000 pharmacy sites across the country ready to vaccinate those adolescents as soon as the FDA grants its OK,” Biden said during remarks at the White House Tuesday.

He added that in addition to kids being able to get the vaccine at pharmacies, vaccines will also be given straight to pediatricians, so parents could discuss any questions with their family doctors and that kids could get shots from people they are comfortable and familiar with.

Biden encourages parents to take their kids to get vaccinated once shots do become available. “We know that adolescents are at risk from Covid-19. Although serious illness at the age range is rare, they can still get sick and spread the virus to others. So my hope is that if the vaccine is authorized, parents will take advantage of it and get their kids vaccinated,” Biden shared.


Source: NBC News