“Love Has Won” Cult Caught with Mummified Shrine

Love Has Won Cult Caught with Mummified Shrine

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Police were called to a scene in SAGUACHE COUNTY Colorado on May 3 to a house where people In a cult were making a shrine of a mummified person. The investigation of the mummified person led the authority to uncover possible child abuse. Seven of these cult members belong to the cult “Love Has Won” and are facing serious charges following the discovery of a body at home in Moffat. Miguel Lamboy Is the owner of the house in Moffat and a group of residents stayed at his place on April 27th.

  Lamboy is believed to be part of this cult as well, but when he returned to the house, he discovered a body known to be a 45-year-old woman named Lia Carlson. In the police report, Lamboy said that Carlson’s teeth were exposed through the lips and that the body seemed to be mummified, wrapped in decoration and cloth.

 The 7 cult members believed to be part of this are Ryan Kramer, Christopher Royer, Sarah Rudolph, Karin Raymond, Jason Costello, John Robertson, and Obdulia Franco. The members exposed two children to this horrific scene of a dead body at the house that they were staying in. Lamboy’s son and Raymond’s 13-year-old daughter were removed from the home and put with Social Services. However, Lamboy’s son has been reunited with his father, as Lamboy is not believed to be involved with the body. Raymond’s 13-year-old daughter is still in Social Services.

The seven cult members may be charged with human manslaughter and child abuse. The cult itself is under investigation for stealing money from people in their communities and psychological torture and abuse. The cult is believed to worship a girl named Amy Carlson who calls herself Mother God. It’s still unclear if the seven cult members killed Lia Carlson (no relation to Amy Carlson) or if they found the dead body. The seven cult members remain in jail pending arraignment and trial.