A Shocking Amount of Companies Going Electric


Ethan Pale

As the popularity of electric cars is rising with companies such as Tesla, many automakers are planning on manufacturing only 100% electric cars in the very near future. 


     A few of the most ambitious manufacturers are Volvo, Volkswagen, and Jaguar. Volvo has promised on their official site “50% of our car sales volume will be electric by 2025.” They intend to get 1 million fully electric cars on the road in the same year. Jaguar is committing to having all gas powered cars off the road by 2025, making a much quicker step towards all electric than the average company. Jaguar’s common competitors, Bentley and General Motors, will be making their move in the 2030’s. Volkswagen will be investing over 28 billion pounds (39,626,399,060.29 US), creating 70 new electric car models. They have also stated their last combustion model will be created in 2025, going completely carbon free in the following year.

     The reasoning behind this industry-wide decision is to help lower the shocking 28% of greenhouse gas emissions caused by vehicular transport according to the EPA. Auto manufacturers have been pressured by different states and countries, such as California, wanting to stop all car sales involving gas by the year 2035. Tesla is also a very important aspect of the major change. Due to the company’s major success with electric cars and almost no serious current competitors, the market for non gas powered vehicles is incredibly profitable. 

     With all of the auto manufacturers attempting to transform the industry toward electric, there is an estimate by BloombergNEF that 54 million global sales of EV’s will occur in 2040. The future of vehicle transportation is looking quite electric!