The Destruction of Gaza


Palestinian Walks amongst Destruction in Gaza (courtesy of Aljazeera)

Ethan Pale

Two weeks ago in early May, Palistinian Hamas fired rockets upon cities in Israel. The Israelian military returned fire back at Palestine, and have been attacking back and forth since.

Recently, Israel made an extremely targeted rocket attack on the Gaza Strip. It was intended to destroy tunnels used by Hamas militants, but ended up destroying dozens of civilian houses on the strip. The local Health Ministry officials stated the death toll to reach over 210 people, including 61 kids and 36 women. A man was recorded after losing his entire family, saying to his dying wife, “You’re going to you destiny, my love.” Estimated damages amounted up to 250 million dollars and are still growing from the fighting. 95 Hamas official buildings were destroyed in the conflict. A 

Water damages have made it so that 95% of the people living in Gaza do not have clean drinking water. Around 800 thousand people have no regular access to water. Agriculture has also been heavily affected, causing 24 million in damages of fields and animal facilities. Israel’s advanced iron dome defense system has minimized many damages to their cities, and suffered a much smaller death toll of around 10. 

On a lighter note, today on Friday of May 21st a ceasefire was declared. It is planned to last for 11 days, and was unanimously accepted by all parties. Thousands of citizens from the Strip of Gaza gathered into the streets to celebrate the halted fighting. Hopefully the destruction of Gaza can eventually end, and reconstruction can commence.