School Back to Normal in 21-22 School Year

This has been the hardest school year since 1918, and we just hope that next year goes back to normal. Due to the global pandemic, schools had to find a way for kids to keep attending school in a safe way. This brought a lot of changes in schedules and school activities. Principal Kimble said that next year would be “back to normal” by having the school schedule back to how it used to be in the past years: five days in school, no more zoom, and classes would no longer be 90 minutes long. School activities such as sports and clubs would be brought back in person. We won’t have to follow Covid protocols!


We are also depending on our county rules. If the majority of the San Miguel County had been vaccinated and if the Covid cases have decreased, we will have a better chance to enjoy the next school year. The regulations that will depend on the County are: wearing masks indoors, staying 6 feet apart, and reducing physical contact. This would all depend on how this summer goes. If people do what is required so, that we can have a better environment without the pandemic 


On a not-so-good note for next year, teachers that have been here for years will no longer teach at this school anymore. Mr. Loew, Ms. Lavender, Miss Russel, Mr. Baffoe, Miss Baffoe, and Ms. Emerick are all leaving Telluride School District next year for various reasons. The school is already making the arrangements to hire new teachers. This might be hard to get used to, since most of the students, especially the next year’s seniors, have been learning from these teachers since middle school. We thank these teachers and wish them good luck in their new roles. Principal Kimble has been busy with the interviews this week and we can only welcome the new teachers to this great school. 


For those students who are still wondering: Yes, we will still have an advisory as a homeroom and they are bringing back tutorials with block periods.