Gas Shortage on East Coast Have People Hoarding Gas

Guy filling up containers with gas.

Guy filling up containers with gas.

Mackenzie Tharp, student writer

What’s going on with the gas shortage? Americans are hoarding gas during the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline, the largest pipeline system for refined oil products in the US, which is making the supply decrease. A large percentage of gas stations in the Southeast have run out of fuel. According to Matt Egan from CNN news “Rob Underwood, president of the Energy Marketers of America, said that some gas stations have sold days’ worth of inventory in mere hours.” People going out and panic buying doesn’t help the situation, it only makes it worse. 

The governor of North Carolina is focused on getting people calmed down and get the problem fixed as soon as possible. “On Tuesday, the White House and US Department of Transportation determined that states with previous declarations of ‘major disaster’ issued by Biden in the last 120 days would be allowed to use highways to transport overweight loads of gasoline and other fuels, in an effort to address outages caused by panic buying in response to the Colonial Pipeline hack” (DJ Judd The Colonial Pipeline has begun to restart their pipeline operations after a ransom attack. This ransom forced one of the biggest oil transporters in the nation to shut down.

People are stashing and hoarding gas in trash bags, plastic bins, and plastic containers. One man’s car blew up because he stored gas in plastic garbage bags in his car. 

Since the pipeline is back up and running again the fears of a gas shortage should stop. Gas prices are high and they will most likely rise in the future due to supply shortages and hoarding will only deplete the supply more.