Miracle Plays in last 65 seconds has Hamilton HS football defeat Bishop Gordon


The Huskies celebrate the late comeback drenched in water and Gatorade

PJ Hulst, Staff Writer

On September 17, the Hamilton High School football team took on Bishop Gordon Highschool to determine who gets to keep the title “Undefeated” for another week. This ultimately was granted to Hamilton in an extremely exciting, 18 points in 65 seconds, 4th quarter comeback!

This game did not make it easy for Hamilton to keep their energy up. Their opponent, Bishop Gordon, was able to squeeze a 10-7 lead in the first quarter and held Nicco Marchiol to his own 50 yards of the field with 6 sacks and almost a safety. 

As the game played out in the fourth quarter, the thought of Hamilton losing the streak was beginning to become a reality, as Hamilton was trailing 24-7.  As the quarter continued, the score showed to be clearly in Bishop Gordon’s favor. It did not look good for Hamilton. 

In the last 65 seconds, Hamilton completed 5 game-changing plays! A long 46-yard field goal made by Mathew Krneta gave the Huskies their first lead since the first quarter. Cooper Leduc recovered two risky but crucial onside kicks giving Hamilton the possessions they desperately needed to score. Each of these recovered possessions later led to big touchdowns. Nicco completed two touchdown passes and scrambled his way into the end-zone for a two-point conversion to put the game to rest.

Hamilton’s Nicco Marchiol clearly took the worst beating during the game. As a result of being sacked 6 times, his elbow was bleeding and at one point he vomitted on the football before throwing one of the last scored touchdowns of the game.   

Having lost in the Arizona open division final, Hamilton was hungry to earn their 3-0 streak. Bishop Gordon wasn’t their biggest rival to defeat, but maintaining the undefeated title was easily their largest goal. As the clock ran out in the 4th quarter, in the last 65 seconds of the game, Hamilton had accomplished that goal.