Marvel Releases First Movie With An Asian Protagonist, Will It Fly?

Marvel Releases First Movie With An Asian Protagonist, Will It Fly?

Kerry Hauze and Brandon Trujillo

     After several different critic and audience reviews, the new Marvel movie, “Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings”, has received some mixed feedback.  For the most part though, the majority of people have enjoyed it. Not only that, this new movie opens a new chapter for Marvel since this is their first feature film with an Asian actor as the lead role. 

     Though, to throw out a quick disclaimer, we as authors at the time of writing this have not seen this movie yet for ourselves. This review is purely based on critic and theater audience reviews. 

     Since its beginning in the 30’s running to today, sci-fi action movies have been enjoyed by most people. Marvel has for a very long time dominated this part of the movie industry. Because of this, the company’s audiences have high expectations of their movies. This new movie in particular has many positive reviews but it also has its fair share of negative reviews as well. Here’s why. 

     This being the first movie starring an Asian protagonist, there is a lot of new hope for the future of the company. Shang-Chi, played by actor Simu Liu, is a character that we’ve never seen before in other Marvel movies. Though Marvel released a comic about this story a long time ago, this is the first we’ve seen of this character on the big screen. That alone shines new light on Marvel’s increasing ability to make its movies more suiting for the modern era.

    With the high quality scenes, there were rarely scenes the audience didn’t like. According to Associate Audience Engagement Editor for Time Magazine, Kat Moon, she noted about a scene toward the end of the movie, “I am not the first to say that when it comes to representation, specificity creates authenticity. For me, it doesn’t get much more specific than small words in the background of a set bringing quick tears to my eyes as I recall myself as a girl, trying to hold them back.” The movie is emotional, as well as action oriented, making it more personal and relatable for some. 

    Other people like Justian Chang, Film Critic and Columnist for the Los Angeles Times, said that, “A hero’s origin story that tries, with some success, to rise above Marvel business-as-usual.” This shows that people have really loved the movie and the not so mainstream part about it. People like new things and that is especially clear in this movie. On top of that, according to Rotten Tomatoes it shows that out of all the ratings it was 92%, which is really quite good. All in all, this movie has gone over pretty well with critics and Marvel audiences alike. 

     Some other critics and audiences, however, thought that this movie had its drawbacks. One of the biggest complaints we found is how there is a lack of expertly choreographed fight sequences evenly distributed across the movie. Many people wanted more consistent and well made scenes packed with action. The other main complaint viewers had was it’s somewhat lackluster dialogue in some scenes, but that’s about it. 

     To wrap it all up, Marvel’s new “Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings” has been a movie enjoyed by returning fans and newly introduced viewers. Though some parts of the movie seem to be somewhat lackluster, overall it is an enjoyable movie if you like action, Sci-Fi and a little bit of family drama here and there. If you are a Marvel fan, this movie may be a new favorite.