No Limits for TASP: Telluride for Everyone

Telluride Adaptive Sports Program logo

Telluride Adaptive Sports Program logo

Jackson Anders, Independent Reporter



Telluride Adaptive Sports Program, or TASP, is an organization that specializes in making the outdoors accessible to people with disabilities. I just did an interview with M’Lin, who works for the program. It started over 25 years ago here in Telluride, and currently offers summer and winter activities. It has an average of over 450 participants, over 200 volunteers, and about 4 to 8 employees a year. It’s executive director is Courtney.  


It was founded in 1995 and was predominantly a winter program until 2001. After 2001, TASP added canoeing, paddleboarding, horseback, and hiking to provide more activities to do all year long.


The program can help participants to do things that they were never able to do before. M’Lin said that TASP is important because “we see so many smiles of people getting outside and then I hear all the time, stories from families that someone is able to do something for the first time after they were outside recreating with us.”


The TASP program wants to make sure that everybody in all ability levels can participate.

“We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy Telluride.” M’Lin said during the interview, which took place here in Telluride Middle/High School. 


TASP is well respected and many people and families come to the program every year. There are great people every year volunteering and participating, and families who participated in the program later moved to Telluride just because of the program! “TASP is an amazing program and we have really great people, both volunteers and participants. I feel like every year I just meet really amazing people and families and everyone that comes through the door. So it’s a really fun program to be a part of.” M’Lin said.

In order to volunteer, training and paperwork are required. The office is located in the Hotel Madeline, by the top of Chair 1. For anyone interested in learning more about TASP or volunteering, here is the link