The Bell Schedule is Changing!


telluride high school students going to class during passing time

Trinitee Johnson, Staff Writer

     Attention THS! The bell schedule is officially changing soon!

     The schedule will change in 1 week, after the first quarter ends. A few different things have been changed in our schedule. For example, we now have advisory after 2nd period and break after advisory. We will also have five minute passing periods, instead of four.

     I spoke to our principal, Mrs. Kimble, about the new schedule change and asked her why she and the teachers decided to do this. She replied, “Students were feeling rushed to get to class on time, and couldn’t get things done. For example, they couldn’t get from Rod’s room to Pignoli’s and go to the bathroom in time.” I also asked her why they decided to do this in the middle of the semester. She told me, “We didn’t want to wait a whole year and since the schedule will be changing for the PSATs that week, we thought we would just do all the changes at the same time.” 

     I know you’re all in the rhythm of our current schedule, so make sure you get hold of the new one!