People’s Pride of Pods Persists


Class of 2022 decorates their pod Christmas of 2019

Sarah Ireland

It is a long-standing tradition for the students of Telluride high school to have their sacred pods separated by grade but loved by all. After Covid-19 hit halfway through the spring semester of 2020, our pods were taken down indefinitely. Pods are a collection of beaches, couches, and chairs clustered together to provide a place for students to gather by grade. Almost two years later they have finally made their return. 

This year, seniors in the High school were adamant that they wanted pods back and repeated that they were willing to do whatever it took to get them back. After weeks of back and forth, watching Covid, and working hard, they finally got the go-ahead. Senior Nick Turrin said, “I  confronted the school continuously until I began to see change.” It is safe to say that the senior class is the most excited to see their beloved pods return. Ally Tealdi stated, “The pods are super steeze. They’re a nice place to chill out”. 

In past years, the pods have brought about competition within grades, built community, and encouraged students to build new relationships with their peers. The annual battle of the bench was brought about to inspire all grades to participate in spirit days and bring more joy into the school. Grades would compete against each other to obtain points, the grade with the most points, winning the bench and holding onto it for as long as they could. The point came from dressing up, having the best spirit, etc. The last battle of the bench was won by the sophomore class in the winter of 2019 and has yet to change hands to another grade. These previous sophomores, now seniors, are determined to maintain their claim on the bench for the remainder of their high school careers. 

Seeing as each grade has a pod of their own, the small space dedicated to each grade provides students a place to relax, hang out with their friends, and stay connected after the prolonged covid induced separation. As you walk through the different pods, you will notice that the senior pod is by far the most decked out, a result of reaching the final stage of your high school career. Seeing the pod they will one day be sitting in encourages underclassmen to work hard and stay motivated.

It is not uncommon to step into the halls and see different grade levels stealing and taking benches back from each other. A healthy competition really. Each grade wanting more furniture for their pod, each willing to do whatever it takes to get it, the pods teach self-advocacy and doing something yourself when you want it to get done. 

The upcoming months jammed packed with holidays, will fill the halls of the high school with lighthearted delight. Each grade competing to have the most extravagant decorations for Halloween, Christmas, and the Winter season will show the school once and for all just how crucial the pods are to a positive school environment. In pods we trust!