Ford’s New Electric Pick-up May Revolutionize the Future of the Auto Industry


Kerry Hauze and Brandon Trujillo

     In the modern age, gas and diesel engines are beginning to become a dwindling form of transportation. Electric cars are becoming the transportation method of choice. Starting with Elon Musk’s leadership of the Tesla brand, electric cars have only become better. Now in 2021, Ford, one of America’s longest running car brands, has now created the new F-150 Lightning pick up truck, which is set to release in Spring of 2022. Here’s what you should know about it.

     Considering how many climate issues we seem to be running into, we are facing a time of change. In recent years the amount of electric cars on the road have increased by over 50,000 vehicles a year since 2015. Now since Ford is releasing the new Lightning, we can expect to see that number increase exponentially. 

     Not only will this demand for electric cars increase the sales, the F-150 pickup truck has been the best selling truck in America for 45 years straight. The demand for a truck is relevant for many people. Be it hauling trailers, boats, or campers, trucks are almost always the vehicle of choice for those activities. Along with it’s capabilities, the F-150 has always been a perfect size for many people. A lot of pick-up trucks are quite large and difficult to drive but the F-150 is only slightly larger than a car. That alone makes that model desirable for many. Now that Ford has committed its resources to implementing electric vehicles into their main line of business, the amount of electric vehicles we will be seeing on the roads will likely skyrocket. 

     Recently, there has been a mass proliferation of electric vehicles, starting with the original Tesla Roadster in the early 2000’s, to recent development of electric pick-up trucks with nearly the same capabilities to their fuel powered counterparts. A smaller company by the name of Rivian has released their R-1T, a version of a pickup truck with similar capabilities to a Tesla model passenger car. Even with that considered, the appeal for the R-1T is lower is lower than the F150,  since it is more like a car than a truck. Consumers would want their truck to have similar capabilities to what we’ve always experiences. The Ford F150 delivers that with a modern and electric platform. 

     Starting Spring of 2022, the Ford F-150 Lightning will be available for purchase and will most likely see record sales. This truck will appeal to ranchers and farmers, who have a history and allegiance with the Ford brand. But it will also appeal to urbanites, who like the rugged look and capabilities of a truck.

   Starting at the semi-affordable $40,000, this is one of the cheapest electric vehicles on the market – and it’s a Ford F150! The popularity of this truck now available is a EV will influence the expansion of the EV market across all US car manufacturers, bringing the US and the world closer to a massive reduction of climate changing, carbon emissions.