Swinging for the Moon

Golf’s new hard hitting trend

Swinging for the Moon

Henry Regrut, Staff Writer

When golf started becoming popular in the 1800’s, the old time golf swing always had a  slow backswing and smooth follow through in order to hit solid contact every time. Now, the new version is to swing as hard as you can and stay balanced to hit the ball as far as you can. The new swing may bring a ton of risks because of injury and consistency, but it is fun. 

First, most people would still use the old school swing because it is very consistent and gives people confidence to make contact. But, the small number of people that would swing as hard as they can would find more distance and more spin to have more fun! PGA pro Bryson DeChambeau stated that, “Younger kids are trying the harder swing and getting better yardage because of this swing.” This new swing will be more and more popular for younger teenagers and kids because kids like swinging as hard as they can with no accuracy to try and break records.

Now there is even a new pro golf competition called the World Long Drive for who swings the hardest and who hits the ball the farthest. Some competitors that broke world records are Kyle Berkshire with a 439 yard drive in the 2019 World Long Drive Championship and Tim Burke, who hit a drive of 427 yards at one of the events in 2015, and finally, Justin James hit one 435 in 2017. 

Golf in 2021 has definitely changed compared to golf in the 1800’s. If the trend continues, one day, 500 yard drives might seem common. And we’ll see a new generation of kids swinging for the moon.