Rivian R1T and R1S Electric Vehicles: Will they help carry the new era in the automotive industry?


(Image courtesy of CNET) From right to left, The R1S and R1T.

Jackson Anders, Independent Reporter

With the surging popularity of electric vehicles, Tesla continues to lead with EVs, while many other companies, like Ford, GM, Volkswagen, and Volvo, follow suit with their own EVs. A slew of companies dedicated to EVs was founded in the past few years, and one of them is Rivian, founded in 2009.

Two Rivian models, a pickup truck and SUV, named the R1T and the R1S respectively, entered production and launched in September 2021, while the more rugged Adventure and Explore packages for both vehicles will release in January 2022. The Launch Edition for both vehicles has a “large pack” 135 kWh battery. The official EPA ranges are 314 miles for the R1T Pickup Truck, and 316 miles for the R1S SUV.  They include leather seating, large displays, vast cargo space, and many other safety and performance features.  

The batteries for both models can withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures and are built on the “skateboard platform” base, which, like a skateboard, has a flat chassis platform with the 4 wheels attached. This allows for different body styles to be placed on the same platform. The battery charge time is about 8 hours, an improvement over Tesla’s charge time of about 10 hours. 

Both the R1S and R1T received positive feedback from car reviewers, with praise for their capabilities. 

It seems that Tesla has inspired the entire automotive industry to change to EVs, with the recent notable example of the upcoming Ford F150 Lighting, but Rivian proves that its R1T and R1S are one of many decent EVs in the market right now. Look for the R1S and R1T when they are fully released in January 2022.