Koalas Have Fingy Prints Just Like People


Picture of a Koala in a tree

Phoenix Albrecht, Staff Writer

Koalas have fingy prints just like people.

People believe that we are so much better than animals, but the truth is the differences are marginal. Koalas, AKA Weird monkeys, are so similar to us they even have near-identical fingerprints to humans. Making police have to stay on their toes.

The koala is a mighty creature with many genetic advantages to people. You would think that being born premature is a bad thing, but with koalas, it is the norm: born deaf, hairless, and gross, but living in the mother’s pouch for the first 6 months. 

Living now as a koala is not how it used to be. Koalas are dealing with a housing crisis of habitat loss worse than any seen in the human world.  And this has led to koala’s current full-scale war with housepets. Losing their habitat, koalas have begun to wander into suburban neighborhoods, causing territorial Fido to attack the poor Koala, starting guerilla warfare of dog verses Weird Monkey.

Due to this new house pet/Koala war, the koala’s population is down to less than 100 thousand and could be as low as 40 thousand remaining koalas in Australia. People, on the other hand, seem to be thriving on the Koala’s downfall with our population numbers nearing 8 billion. The losses suffered to the house pets have been sparse. 

But this is not the first time koalas have survived the impossible.  They are the last of the phascolarctidae, with their closest relative being a wombat. Koalas are incredible creatures that can show people we are not that different.