New Covid Variant in Colorado: How Should We Feel and Prepare?

New Covid Variant in Colorado: How Should We Feel and Prepare?

Kerry Hauze

After two years now of living life with the coronavirus, many people are concerned about when it’s going to let up. Now, with the recent news of the new Omicron Variant, it is important to know how to stay safe. Here’s what we know so far and what you can do to stay safe. 


On Friday, November 26, the variant named “Omicron” was discovered in southern Africa. It raises many concerns for us as Americans due to our past struggles with Covid. But today (November 29), President Joe Biden stated that this variant is something to be concerned and conscious about but we should not panic. With travel restrictions put on Southern Africa, that should reduce the potential spread but Biden believes that it is inevitable that the variant will make it to the U.S. 


Now a week later, Thursday, December 2nd, the first case of this variant was discovered in Colorado. No cases have been reported here in San Miguel county but it is most likely just a matter of time before it arrives here. Along with two cases in Minnesota and New York, this case detected in Colorado is only the third in the US as of Friday, December 3rd. For any breaking updates about omicron in Colorado, stay up to date with local and national news providers.


If you experience any symptoms such as dry coughs, fever, night sweats, and a lot of body pains, it could be a sign that you have come in contact with this variant. Other symptoms are yet to be found but so far, that is what people should look out for and test for covid if symptoms apply. Omicron cannot be specifically revealed in a test since current tests pick up the parts of the virus that stays primarily the same, you have to go off of symptoms to know officially if it’s the new variant. 


With the discovery of this new Omicron variant made, Biden is further pushing his plea to the American people to get vaccinated and receive booster shots. That being said, the President also talked about working with scientists and manufacturers about creating a vaccine suited to fight the omicron variant if it gets out of hand. 


Now with re-instilled concern regarding covid-19, especially this variant, many people are curious if we will be put back into lockdown. When questioned about it, Biden dismissed any potential need for another lockdown. 


The main message the president currently has for the world is that if the vaccine can spread to the whole world and people can get access to it, we can potentially beat covid and prevent more variants from popping up in other places in the world like both the omicron and delta variants have.