The Pandemic Gave the World a Chance on Climate, and the World Said No.


Phoenix Albrecht, Student Writer

The UN and governments around the world have set climate goals that need to be kept and they are nowhere close to meeting the goals. The covid pandemic shut the world down allowing for the world to see just how much we affected nature. Within months of shutting down, the positive impact on the environment could be seen. There was a major improvement around the world.


During the pandemic, the air was cleaner, aquatic ecosystems were improving and commonly trashed places were not getting trashed and started to become cleaner. The other side effect of the pandemic was a huge increase in government spending on everything but climate change. if they spent on climate change this had the potential to be a dream scenario for climate change activists. With the world being the cleanest it has been in a long time and governments willing to spend money on programs, the world had a chance to spend on its future. 


This did not happen. The climate was ignored and it did not take long for it to return to how it used to be: planes returned to the air, people began driving back to work. and factories went back online. Countries are buying into high emissions businesses. Currently, most nations are creating more industries related to climate change. Poland is spending “35 million on unwanted coal” according to CNN. Canada is spending 1.1 billion on an oil pipeline. All of these are being explained as necessary to supporting businesses and the economy that have been hurt by Covid. The fossil fuels industry, the leading industry contributing to carbon emissions, rather than being slowed,  countries are buying more than ever.. Government spending Is at a peak after covid and will likely not spend this much in 10 years. 10 years from now will be too late to matter in the fight against climate change.