Banning Books is Back


Courtesy of NBC News

Trinitee Johnson, Staff Writer

      As well as going after women’s rights, Texas has decided to go for our books! They (Texas) have decided that they do not want any “inappropriate” books in the school system. There has been a history of book banning, and book burning in the world.

     For example, in Germany thousands of books were burned by the Nazis in 1930. In Germany, the Nazis were burning books about and written by Jews. The Nazis burned books that they thought were subversive and the ones that had ideas that they did not like or were different from their way of living. 

Similarly, Texas is banning books written by and about other minorities. Matt Krause, a state representative in Texas (who is going for state attorney general) has begun “investigating” schools to see if they have books that might upset the “right wing families.” Matt Krause sent out a letter to the Texas Education board to see whether they have any copies of the books on an 850 title long list (850 books on a weird 16-page list )and how many copies of each there are as well. The schools are required to report back how many copies they have, how much they paid for the books, and where they’re located on the school’s campus. 

The letter that Krause sent doesn’t exactly clarify what will be done with the books once he has the results. It’s been reported that the schools were supposed to respond by the 12th of November. As of this writing there appears to be no update. The list contains books about teen sexuality, teen pregnancy, sex education, abortion, feminism, LGBTQ matters, books about race, etc. Pretty much anything that has the potential to make a teenager feel “uncomfortable.” They’re also going after comic books, the ones that are too dangerous of course. 

Not only is banning books unconstitutional, it is also detrimental to the education of children in the U.S. as certain information they are learning is being taken away and limiting their perspective.