Storm Drains Suck People Down in New Jersey

Storm drains are draining people’s lives away in New Jersey. 

On September 1st, a vicious flood hit New Jersey.  In the aftermath of a hurricane, during severe floooding, Dhanush Reddy and his fiancee, Kavya Mandli were walking to safety as they were swept away by a storm drain. Kavya managed to grab onto a railing and escape, although her husband, was not so lucky. The police searched for Reddy around where they thought he might end up, but they only came to find another young man who had also been pulled into the drain. They later found Reddy, dead, in an area blocks away from the other end of the storm drain. 

The issue is known by county officials but nothing seems to be done about it. Storm drains have killed more than 35 people since 2015. There is an easy fix that would save lives: adding a grate: a simple thing that is already on many storm drains. The Center for Disease Control has made many recommendations, but it is the city’s job to actually do something about it, and they haven’t. This problem doesn’t affect all people equally either. Most of the people being swept away are children, who are smaller and lighter and more prone to be carried away by a drain’s current.

This is a huge danger and impact, not only on New Jersey’s citizens, but on other coastal communities more prone to flooding. This is a problem with an easy, inexpensive solution, but inexplicably, some towns are doing nothing about it.