46 Years of Telluride Film Festival


Poster Art © Edwina White 2019

Johnny Wilcox, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — In the wake of the 46th annual Telluride Film Festival spirits are running high. Spanning from August 30 to September 2, Telluride swelled in size with the rush of festival-goers. This included many A-list names here to either promote their own films or enjoy the broad variety of material offered. Luckily for Telluride High School students, the festivities began last Thursday with the premiere of “The Aeronauts,” directed by Tom Harper with screenwriter Jack Thorne.

For all of the students attending the film, there was mystery behind what was in store. This soon drifted away as the students found themselves glued to the nail-biting action and deep story of “The Aeronauts.” By the end of the film, the theater was erupting with applause from the ecstatic student body. Junior Jack Courter gave his honest review, stating, “It was a roller coaster of emotions for everyone in the theater. Highly recommend taking the time to watch it.” This energy also transcended to the Telluride High School staff with technology teacher Heather Rosen marveling, “I was on the edge of my seat the entire film, and am very glad the kids got to see such an inspiring film.” Senior Grace Ringstad offered a more critical look.  “The plot was interesting, but some scenes seemed exaggerated and a little too ‘Hollywood’,” she said.

Beyond just the private screening on Thursday, a group of dedicated students spent the weekend viewing and critiquing a wide variety of films. The program, supervised by Seth Berg, is called “City Lights” and allows underprivileged students to experience the whole festival through free lodging, private meetings with directors, actors and other big names. It is important to know that this opportunity is only offered to seniors who apply their junior year of high school. 

Senior, Kathryn Ballode, was lucky enough to get a spot in the program for this year’s festival. She described her weekend as, “Incredibly inspiring, giving everyone who attended the program a more open mind and even new career aspirations.” In addition to the many films the City Lights group attended, they were also able to have private meetings with many legendary names in the film industry, including Ken Burns and Edward Norton. Ballode highly recommends this experience for interested juniors looking to apply.

The Telluride Film Festival never seems to fail in exciting and interesting locals and visitors alike. All we can do now is hope next year’s festival is just as good.