Diversity Club


Diana Nieto

Joanna MacDonald (left) and Brenda Gutierrez (right) co-founded THS Diversity Club

Emily Escobar and Diana Nieto, Staff Writers

TELLURIDE– To help celebrate Telluride High School’s diverse population, a group of students have united, forming the Diversity Club.

The club will focus on educating the student population about different cultures around the world. It will begin by creating Google Slides, which will be shown on the TV at the entrance of the school, show casing what Independence Day looks like in different Latin countries as a way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15.

The meetings take place on Fridays at lunch in Joanna MacDonald’s classroom, and all are welcome.  MacDonald says students should join the club because learning about cultures, ideas and religions is fun.  “There’s a good mix of students at the moment,” she said, “but we want to make it more diverse.”

Learning more about the world helps people relate to one another. 

“It would be very boring if we were all the same,”  MacDonald said. She has enjoyed meeting people from other countries, learning about different cultures and expanding her perspectives. 

The club was started by senior Brenda Gutierrez. “What would it be like in a school that’s predominantly white? We need to create a bigger awareness of different cultures than what we have here.” Gutierrez said.

Diversity Club is a place to celebrate our differences and teach others about them as well.  Both MacDonald and Gutierrez say anyone is welcome to join.  Presently the club consists of 12 members.

People should join if they are open-minded and willing to learn about different cultures. The goal here is to create an welcoming place where everyone can feel welcome regardless of our cultures, color, and diversity.