Hakuna Matata

"The Lion King" Review

Shannon Wyszynski, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE–Stepping into the Nugget Theater was like going on an African safari.  The remake had viewers singing along and dancing in their seats.

The 2019 Disney remake of “The Lion King” was released on July 19 making it 25-years-old.  It was first released in June of 1994.

Its new producers, Jon Favreau, Karen Gilchrist and Jeffrey Silver, offer a plot that mirrors the original but also makes it more lively.   For example, one of the scenes is Nala leaving Pride Rock to go find help after Scar takes over.  This creates a new sense of suspense.  

People should see “The Lion King” because it has great visual effects, great acting and fun sing-along music. The viewers will not only fall in love with Simba, Pumba, and Timone but they will also go on an adventure with the main characters.

I wasn’t the only viewer crying in the audience when Scar kills Mufasa.  The movie brought childhood memories and left me feeling nostalgic and completely entertained.