Hurricane Dorian Wreaks Havoc


Scott Hansen

Hurricane Dorian damages homes along the South Carolina Coast

London Albrecht, Staff Writer

CHARLESTON, S.C.– Hurricane Dorian wreaked havoc from the Bahamas to Florida and the Carolinas, hitting South Carolina especially hard.

Kelsey Hansen, a Charleston local and season Telluride resident, said the storm was disorienting.

“It affected me by making me evacuate to another island 20 minutes away,” Hansen said. 

Although they were not required to evacuate, Hansen said she and her family feared for their safety and decided to leave for a friend’s house.

By the time Hurricane Dorian hit Charleston, it had dropped in Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale to a Category1 storm with up to 75 m.p.h. winds.  

Hansen reported that driving became hazardous.  “Driving across the bridge was very scary due to the extreme winds,” she said.   “It was also very scary because I would my house could be blown away.” 

Trees and power lines were blown over from the force of the winds. 

“There was debris everywhere and it made it very difficult to get to places.”  Hansen said. “The hurricane also took out a look of stop lights and power lines. The power was out for 3 hours.”

Perhaps the scariest moment was when a tree burst into flames in front of Hansen.  “I was backing out of my driveway when a power line set a tree on fire. It was insane because I had to call the fire department because I thought my house was going to catch on fire,” Hansen recalls.  

Everyday activities were disrupted by Hurricane Dorian as well.

“Because of the hurricane I missed an entire week of school, which might sound cool but I will have to make up those five days of schools,” Hansen said.   “It has also made me think more about Global Warming. Global Warming is what is causing the hurricanes to build up.”