Freshmen and Seniors Unite


Emily Escobar

THS 9th and 10th grade students jeep up to Tomboy mine.

Emily Escobar and Diana Nieto, Staff Writers

Laurel Henderson
THS students compete by solving riddles and performing task around town.

TELLURIDE– On a crisp fall day, freshman and senior Telluride High School students climbed into jeeps wearing team color-coded bandanas and away they went.

The day, which usually takes place as eighth-graders transition into high school and juniors become seniors, took place on Sept. 19 after being snowed out in May.  THS hosts the trip in order to build camaraderie across the grade levels. 

THS Spanish teacher, Sara Lopez, is the student council adviser.  “The goal here was to spend time with the younger classmen and get to know who they are; make new friends and make some connections,” Lopez said. 

THS student council helped organize the event, which included half the day in town where students participated in a cake decorating competition and an Amazing Race like competition where students raced against other teams to accomplish four different tasks at four different locations.  The other half of the day was spent jeeping up to the Tomboy mine.  

Ms. Lopez said that jeeping was her favorite part.

Chris Murray, TMHS Athletic Director and Dean of Students, said in the past the field trip was an overnight camping trip.

The field trip is an organized activity around getting freshmen and seniors to bond more [to help] make our school more of a community and family.” Murray said. 

Teachers Heather Rosen and Grace Hennessy organized the event.  Murray said their hard work paid off. “[Rosen and Hennessy] have invested a lot of time and it was really clear to see.  It went really smoothly,” he said.

Rosen said they started the adventure day to prevent hazing.  “The goal is to have the  incoming freshmen to find a bond with the seniors so they feel less intimidated throughout the day and have a support group in the school,” she said.  

THS hosted the first adventure day in 2007.

Rosen said her favorite part was seeing the happy look on kids’ faces.

“We decided to inspire kids not to be mean to each other and be kind,” she said.   

Hennessy, who co-hosted the event, said she signed up to be a leader because two years ago she wanted to but ended up having to stay back with her students.  According to Hennessy, the weather made it especially challenging for planning the event as they had to plan two instead of the original one.  

In the end, Hennessy and Rosen said the event was a success.

“My favorite part of the whole trip was kickball,” Hennessy said.  “Especially when Guillermo got me out the first time.”