THS Soccer Plays Today

Telluride Men's Soccer Team plays against Crested Butte

Bo Zanardi

Telluride Men’s Soccer Team plays against Crested Butte

Bo Zanardi, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE– On Friday, Sept. 20, the Telluride High School men’s soccer team took on Crested Butte in a rematch of last year’s devastating loss in overtime for the first 2A state championship in Colorado history.

They suffered a crushing 3-1 loss at home.

Matheau Richard, THS senior and left striker, played in last year’s state championship.  He said the game was disappointing.  “We didn’t show up to play the way we wanted to,” Richard said. To add injury to insult, this year Richard broke  his radius and dislocated his wrist during the game.

Richard has been a critical part of the team, racking up 12 points in just three games for Telluride.

THS sophomore South Livermore is a striker.  “It was a good match, we just couldn’t really convert on goal scoring opportunities,” Livermore said.

Telluride’s left midfielder Julien Brooks, cited injuries as influencing the loss.  In addition to Richard’s injury, senior Bryce Lambert blew his knee out earlier in the season while playing Cortez.  

Lambert is out for the season.

Richard, who is back on the field today, said intensity on the field waned after the injuries.  “Our team was discouraged by the loss of our top two goal scorers, causing our intensity to die on the field,” Richard said. 

Since the loss against Crested Butte, THS Miners have bounced back with a win against Bayfield 4-0 and a homecoming win against Cortez 5-1.  Varsity Miners have a home game today at 1 p.m. against Alamosa.  THS Miners are presently ranked 13th in CHSAA ‘s RPI standings.