Independence Day in Guatemala


Diego Hernandez

San Mateo, Guatemala

Julio Hernandez and Diego Hernandez, Staff Writers

On Sept. 15, Guatemala’s Independence Day is celebrated. On that same day in 1821, heroes from the Guatemalan people succeeded in signing the Sovereignty Act and gaining independence from Spain. One hundred and ninety-eight years have passed since that historic event. Since then, Guatemalans have grown up with the idea that this event was the first day of freedom.

This day is highly anticipated by the people of Guatemala.  It is a very special day because the whole family comes together to enjoy each other.  People are filled with happiness when that day arrives.  In addition, many of them wear costumes representative of those involved in Guatemala’s Independence day.

Each year, a new Independence Queen is voted on by members of the community for how well their dancing skills measure up to the other contestants.  Festivities follow in the evening with a party and the making of tamals; a delicacy in Guatemala that is made from rice, chicken and other flavors wrapped in a plantain leaf. 

People really enjoy it because it is one of the holidays and it lasts a week.