I’m Him Album Review

Photo courtesy of Atlantic Records

Photo courtesy of Atlantic Records

Zach Weissman, Staff Writer

I’m Him, which was released on Sept. 27, is Kevin Gates’s long awaited album after his last project, Islah.  The title, I’m Him, represents Gates’s success in recent years, and how he is who he says he is. 

The album is comparable, or even superior to Islah. Something  which we haven’t seen in Gates’s decade of rapping, is a more personable and wholehearted approach to his songs.

“Betta for you,” is a quick refrain from his expected rough, southern flow, and offers us insight into his relationship with his daughter, while “Fly Again,” is about his marriage. 

The two teasers “Facts” and “Push It” are songs we’ve heard from Gates before, but in other songs like “Pretend,” and “Bags,” where he has more unique choruses, listeners can truly visualize how Kevin Gates is evolving as a lyricist and musician. 

Additionally, as opposed to his other projects, Gates actually makes an effort to vary his cadence. 

Overall I’d say it’s a top 5 album of 2019, and definitely worth the play.