Colorado Western Slope College Fair

Gemma Andrew and Shannon Wyszynski, Staff Writers

ASPEN– On a chilly fall morning, 247 college reps greeted students and counselors alike at the Colorado Western Slope College Fair. 

It was the 15th year Aspen School District has hosted the college fair, where more than 2,000 students traveled from near and far. 

Each college representative greeted students at their individual booths. 

In addition to offering information about colleges and universities, 25 different workshops were offered, covering topics such as standardized testing, the benefits of a gap year, how highly selective colleges function, among others.

Ten students from the Telluride High School and Norwood High School took advantage of the school sponsored bus, which left from Norwood.  

Jocelyn Nieto, a sophomore at THS ,was one of the ten students on the bus.

“I went to see the different colleges and try to find one that I am interested in,” Jocelyn said.   “I do think this is valuable and I learned about things from college representatives and about helpful programs that could help me in the future.” 

THS counselor Karen Lavender organized Telluride’s participation.  She says it’s a valuable experience.

“You can learn about colleges that you’re interested in or learn more information about colleges you want to go attend,”  Lavender said.   

She also expressed that she believes students should start attending this college fair as early as their sophomore year so they can anticipate what’s expected.

“The college fair is for students to learn about colleges and the different jobs if a student doesn’t want to go into college,”  Lavender said.  “One thing that I want to see happen next year is that more students should attend because I think it is really beneficial.”

For now, Lavender says students can continue to prepare by taking the SATs.