Little Feat’s Paul Barrere Dies at 71

Barrere playing in Toronto 2010.

Photo courtesy of Little Feat Official Photos

Barrere playing in Toronto 2010.

Ryder Wells, Staff Writer

Last Saturday, Oct. 26, Paul Barrere, a main vocalist and guitarist for the late 1960s Rock band, “Little Feat,” passed away.

This death occurred just 20 days after Cream drummer, Ginger Baker’s, death.

Barrere was 71. While the band gave no official cause when they announced his death, he was known to have had liver cancer since 2015.

“Little Feat” was formed in 1969 by Lowell George and Bill Payne. George was was fired from Frank Zappa’s band “Mothers of Invention” because of his song “Willin’.” There are three conflicting stories as to why Zappa fired him because of the song.

The most likely being because it had drug references. Zappa, however, remained on good terms with George helped to get “Little Feat” signed.  Two more members, Roy Estrada and Richie Hayward joined the band.

Barrere, along Kenny Gradney and Sam Clayton, joined “Little Feat” in 1972, shortly after Estrada left, leaving the band’s member total at six.

The band kept this line up until 1979, when George passed away of a heart attack caused by a drug overdose.

Little Feat promptly disbanded

In 1987, the band reformed with it’s whole 1979 lineup and the additions of Fred Tackett and Craig Fuller.

The band still plays to this day, although with several lineup changes over the years. The last official change was August, 2009 when the band was left with Barrere, Payne, Clayton, Gradney, Tackett, and new member Gabe Ford.

Due to health issues including liver cancer and hepatitis C, Barrere toured only sporadically with the band, but still played as much as possible until his death last Saturday.