Red Bull Rampage Recap


London Albrecht

Fan stood by and watched as Red Bull Rampage athletes tore down a rocky face.

London Albrecht, Staff Writer

VIRGIN, Utah— Located 150 miles from Las Vegas, the mecca of freeride mountain biking is flourishing. For the last 18 years, riders from all over the world travel to this small town to witness mountain biking at its finest. 

The town is tiny but the lines the riders will shred are huge.

Twenty-one of the world’s finest Mountain bikers are invited to RedBull Rampage every year; a freeride competition where riders create their own line down a desert face.  Each year, riders are allowed two diggers (people who help build the riders’ trails) to help them sculpt a line down the rough mountain face.

With only one week to build a line down the 1200 ft. face, the riders and diggers have to work extremely hard. 

Competitors have only a few days of practice before the big show, which took place on Friday, Oct. 25.

Some riders hit features up to 70 ft. from take off to landing. Other riders flip and spin their way down the hill. 

Brandon Semenuk was the man on top. Semenuk secured the win with his first run , scoring 92.33 out of a 100. No other ride was able to top Semenuk’s extremely technique line. 

At the end of the day Tom Van Steenbergen took 3rd, Brett Rheeder took 2nd, and Brandon Semenuk finished 1st.  All three are from Canada.