THS Lady Miners Play at Regionals


Nick Denesik

Danika Petit and Bella Galbo lead the THS Varsity Volleyball girls to regionals.

Nick Denesik and Bo Zanardi, Staff Writers

TELLURIDE– Telluride High School lady miners worked their way into regionals with their first game on Saturday, Nov. 9 in Meeker.

The two other teams in attendance were Meeker and Sargent.

Danika Petit, varsity captain also a senior at THS, said she was ready to play with her team one or two more times, and to see how they can grow.

“I am most nervous about seeing teams that we have never played before,” Petit said, adding that they haven’t ever faced Sargent or Meeker.

As the buses were warming up for them to take the four-hour bus ride to Meeker around noon on Nov. 8, the girls walked through the hallways, which rang with  TMHS Miner’s cheer.

Rhea DePaghter, the girl’s varsity head coach, is glad that the girls have come together as a team and truly developed into an athletic entity. 

DePaghter has been coaching volleyball for the past 14 years and has spent the last three as the head coach at THS. 

“Two things [we prepared for], the first being the mental side of the game where mistakes are gonna happen. And we’ve also worked a lot on defense because we know we’re going against a hard-hitting team.” DePaghter said just before heading on the bus to Meeker. 

Petit has seen her team grow over the year into a well-developed team. “We were a super underestimated team this year, and it also is a pretty young team,” she said. “We have a really good team and we are in regionals this weekend and hopefully states next weekend.” 

Petit is preparing herself by practicing hard, working on minor skills, and trying to run a quicker offense. 

Petit says this year the team is connected that each player has the ability to influence team chemistry.

“I think this year the team is more team dynamic and if one of the players is off, we all are” Petit said. “And the players on the bench are always ready to go in and are very supportive.” 

THS athletic director Chris Murray says that if girls win two out of three games, they will advance to the Girls State Volleyball Tournament. 

“The winner of each region goes onto states, where the winners of all 12 regions will compete,” Murray said.