Ahlan Simsim: New Sesame Street Programming


Courtesy of Ahlan Simsim

New Characters Jad and Elmo

Ryder Wells, Staff Writer

Since its original creation in 1969, Sesame Street has been teaching kids basic education, life lessons and morals, while also entertaining them.

Starting in February next year, Sesame Street will offer a new program made with Syrian refugee children in mind.

For more than the past two years, Sesame Street Workshop has been working with the International Rescue Committee to create “Ahlan Simsim,” which translates to “Welcome Sesame,” a new muppet show made for Syrian refugee children.

“Ahlan Simsim” will star three new muppet characters Bosma, a purple monster muppet, Jad, a yellow monster muppet, and Ma’zooza, a baby goat. Additionally, it will focus more on dealing with emotions and coping, as a way to speak to refugee children.

With the help of the IRC’s work and workers, “Ahlan Simsim” will be brought to refugee camps, and otherwise families all over the Middle East. According to a PBS special, IRC workers have been visiting such places and people for the past few weeks in order to introduce them to “Sesame Street” characters and make it possible for them to see the show. They will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Despite the new characters and changes, “Ahlan Simsim” will also use localized versions of some original characters like Elmo and Cookie Monster.