Telluride Miners Hockey


Landon Kusuno

Telluride Miners hit the ice!

Landon Kusuno and Beck Lystad, Staff Writers

TELLURIDE — Cold temperatures and snow mark the start of winter sports.

The Telluride Miners varsity hockey team took to the ice at 6 a.m. Oct. 22 in order to prep for the tough season ahead.

THS sophomore Tyler Perpar plays defense.

“I am very excited to skate, it is my favorite thing to do,” Perpar said.

Senior Greg Remec is one of four senior captains of the team.

“We have a lot of skills and a lot of good seniors this year,” Remec said. 

Remec says the captains have been playing together since they learned how to skate, back in kindergarten.  “Hockey is fun, tough and exciting,” Remec said, illustrating the sport in three words.

Grayson Fertig is the head coach of the boy’s hockey team and has helped to progress the boy’s level of play over the last four years.

He says he coaches because he also played when he was younger and wants to stay around in the sport.

Fertig has brought a different style of hockey to the club utilizing one goalie, three defenders and two offenders. Traditional teams have one goalie, two defenders, and three offenders. This “west coast”style of hockey gives the team a greater defensive presence, according Fertig.

Last year, this style carried the boys to the semifinals in Santa Fe, N.M..

“I am very excited to see the turnout of this season because we have a lot of skills and I think that we will be able to be successful this year,”  Remec said.