Noel Night


Shannon Wyszynski

The lighting of the ski tree on Noel Night

Shannon Wyszynski, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — Noel Night is one of the biggest events in the town of Telluride. It marks the start of the holiday season with the ski tree lighting ceremony, which took place on Dec. 4 in Elks Park. After the lighting, people line the main street with bags full of local finds.

The stores around town offer discounted items. For example, at Zia Sun, customers pulled marbles to receive discounts up to 50% off.  Second Chance thrift store offered half-off  all their items. At Sunshine Pharmacy, there was a 20% discount. Hook discounted almost everything, except chocolate. 

“The meaning of Noel night is to bring the community together and celebrate the holidays as a town,” Michelle Kyster, Hook employee said.

A 20% discount was offered to shoppers at Between the Covers Bookstore.

“I like Noel night because it’s fun and there are many festivities to start off the holidays,” Daiva Chesonis, owner of Between the Covers Bookstore said.

DeLanie Young, the newly elected mayor of Telluride said she enjoys coming together as a community.

“My favorite part of Noel Night is that town isn’t too busy yet in early December, and it truly feels like a community event. You get to see and visit with people that you don’t see all the time when it is so busy in town,” Young said.  

Noel night is always on the first Wednesday of December.