High School Basketball Overview

THS sophomore South Livermore preforms a slam dunk on THS senior Kaden Katz during boys basketball practice.

Photo courtesy of Declan Jodlowski

THS sophomore South Livermore preforms a slam dunk on THS senior Kaden Katz during boys basketball practice.

Johnny Wilcox, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — The anticipation is high as both Telluride High school basketball teams step into their 2020 season. Both girls and boys teams will compete in 17 games throughout this season; hopefully continuing on into the playoff series. 

The Telluride high school girls basketball team has begun their 2019-20 season, keeping their previous head coach, Tim Halliday, and gaining the new assistant coach, Anna Robinson, to bring a fresh perspective to the team.

Photo courtesy of Kristen Permakoff
THS Girls Varsity Team

Their regular season practices began on Nov. 11, and have been preparing the girls team for a long season. The team is coming off of a solid finish last year, where they placed third at the district tournament.   

THS junior, Margaux Lovely, says they are ready to take it even further this year.

“I want to see the team grow together and finally make it to regionals this year,” Lovely said.

She also described their practices as very supportive of one another. In addition to returning players, this year’s team consists of a new group of underclassmen athletes, who are helping sculpt the capabilities of future seasons.

The Telluride boys basketball team is coming off of their 2018-19 season, where they made it to the second round of regionals. Practice for the present season officially began on Nov. 11, but for the more dedicated players, there were morning pre-season practices two times a week.

THS sophomore South Livermore is a shooting guard and participated in pre-season practices.  “Practicing year-round really helps me continue building my skills from the previous season,” Livermore said.

This is not to say that those who have just started practicing aren’t ready for the upcoming season. Regular season practice has been described as very efficient by Tommy Wells, one of three team captains.

The practices consist of different conditioning and game-time strategy drills. 

“Everyone is very eager to get better at practice this year,” Wells said. 

The boys team has two new head coaches this year, Brandon Bredlau and Brooks Rodgers, and a new group of underclassmen athletes. THS freshmen Spencer Welborn is a swing player for junior varsity and varsity. 

“I’ve been looking up to the high school players for my entire career and I can’t wait to play alongside them,” Welborn said.

The team is shooting high this year, trying to make it farther through the playoffs than last season. 

Both girls and boys teams have been training hard and say hare ready to take on this new season with their full potential.